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What makes the HeadBlade shaver so special?

Unlike a conventional razor, the HeadBlade makes your hand (and fingers) the handle. This gives you more control and you have a much better understanding or "feel" of what you're doing to deliver the best head shave ever. Head shaving made easy.

Headblade Africa for head shaving productsThe patented suspension of the HeadBlade gives you even more control; you don't have to worry about the angle of the blade. Think of a conventional handled razor. It's like a unicycle and only touches your head at one point (where the blade is). This is very difficult to control (both the angle and pressure of the blade). Especially if your fingers aren't in contact with your scalp.

The HeadBlade, in contrast, has a suspension and touches your head in two places; like a bicycle.
It may seem strange at first, but with the HeadBlade you lead with the blade. Why? Because that's the right way. If the blade was on back it would end up moving laterally across your head and you'd get plenty of "paper cuts." Not good. Like a bike, you don't put any weight on the handlebars.

So don't put any pressure on the blade. Just make sure the blade and back pad are in contact with the scalp, then take long smooth strokes. You'll get the best shave ever.


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