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FAQs about HeadBlade

I need to know what the HeadBlade® uses for replacement blades. And how do I change the freakin' blade?

The HeadBlade® Sport comes standard with the HB TripleBlade. We currently sell triple blade replacement kits in our online store. Only these blades are compatible with every HeadBlade we sell. When using the triple blade make sure to use the yellow adaptor (included in kit).

I can't read. Do you have an illustration that shows how to use this smart little invention?

Sure. On the front page of our site is a link to "HOW TO VIDEO". Just click on the link and the video will open. Every HeadBlade Sport comes with a Owner's Manual which includes clear illustrations.

Why is the blade in the front of the HeadBlade® and why do I push instead of pull it? Should I apply pressure?

After extensive development it was found that the automatically pivoting blade of the HeadBlade® had to be in front. Pulling the blade across your head creates lateral movement of the blade which results in nicks and cuts. Pushing the blade eliminates lateral movement. And no, you don't need to press down on the razor (no press down big boy). Just keep the wheel in contact with your scalp at all times, and glide along your head. You can watch our HeadBlade 101 videos or user uploaded Youtube videos for tips.

My fingers go up and down in size (mostly in girth) depending on the weather. Is the ring on the HeadBlade® adjustable?

Yes. The HeadBlade® is made out of a high quality plastic (it contains a lot of rubber) and the ring can be adjusted to just about any finger size. To adjust your HeadBlade® warm the ring with a hair dryer (not your own of course) and then gently manipulate the ring to the appropriate size.

How long will it take to rid myself of the bad habits accumulated over years of shaving with a conventional razor to fully appreciate this new method?

The HeadBlade® fits in your hand and you may get the hang of it right off. It's as easy as running your hand over your head. We all have doing this naturally any way. So you got it already! But be patient, it may take you three to five shaves before you become fully comfortable with the HeadBlade® and its revolutionary method (if you didn't pass 4th grade you may experience a longer learning curve). Once you do get the feel of the HeadBlade® you'll see your shaving time cut dramatically. And you'll get a better shave.

The razor looks really big, like the size of a small to medium size compact car. Can it really be that big?

No. The HeadBlade® design was strongly influenced by automotive design but make no mistake, at less than 7cm long you won't drive it south of your shoulders (unless you like that sort of thing). It's really not that big, unless you're really really small.

What kind of moisturizer should I use on my scalp?

You should use a non-comedogenic cream (won't clog pores).  Luckily for you we developed our own moisturizing cream which fits the bill PERFECTLY.  HeadLube moisturizer works great and comes in both "Matte" and "Glossy" finishes.

How can I keep from getting razor burns or bumps?

The key to getting a clean, razor burn-free shave is to make sure you use the HeadBlade® correctly. The patented suspension allows you to glide the blade; this means you don't put any pressure on the blade. The design of the HeadBlade® allows you to take long smooth strokes, which results in less irritation than a conventional blade. Shaving with the grain doesn't get as smooth a shave but it is a sure way to reduce irritation and bumps. If you do have irritation rinse with cold water and use ClearHead Bump Treatment. It's good stuff; we make it. We also recommend to wash your head with our HEADSHED exfoliator before you shave. Great preparation to any shave will prevent problems.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. HeadBlade® is a small start-up company and customer satisfaction means the world to us. We warrant against any manufacturer defects and if you are not happy with your razor for any reason in the first 30 days, please send back the unused portion and we will credit your account for the product amount. Please note that we do not refund shipping charges.

With regular use the HeadBlade should last a year. After eight to nine months you should consider shelling out for a new one. Now go buy the HeadBlade®.


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