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Face Blade

We came up with the FaceBlade for two reasons. First off most guys who shave their head also need to shave the face. Up until now you had to use a razor by another manufacturer or your HeadBlade. Second reason is that no one makes a cool travel razor.

Sales price: R 80,00

Sure, if you travel heavy and check all your luggage, there's no problem toting a razor that vibrates and is the size of a small appliance. For those of us who travel light, and like great design, the FaceBlade fills this void. It's small, can hold two blades (one in the handle's storage compartment--yes you read that right) and the other can remain on the handle while folded for travel (make sure to keep your blade cap). We're not charging much for this item....because you've suffered long enough waiting for its introduction. And remember, tell all your non headshaving friends to get one of these FaceBlade travel razors. I'm assuming most of them have faces and/or legs that need some grooming. Comes with two blades and two adaptors.

Units in box: 1