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HeadBlade Sport Deluxe Kit

Terrific Starter Kit. Really. Better than the Essential Starter Kit. One-up on the guy that started at the beginning.

Sales price: R 600,00
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Terrific Starter Kit. Really. Better than the Essential Starter Kit. At this spectacular price (not to mention great savings) you'll save a bunch of money. Whoops, I mentioned it. Oh well. This is a strong choice. I know I'd love it (if this was my gift). THIS KIT ROCKS!

Kit includes the following: HeadBlade Sport, HeadBlade Triple Blade pack, HeadSlick, and the HeadLube Moisturiser. You get to choose: Matte or Glossy. Get it! HeadSlick and Matte supplied in 150ml (237ml containers are discontinued). Glossy still supplied in 237ml and not 150ml.

Units in box: 1