Designed and formulated to make head shaving
(or shaving anything else) a breeze.

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It's Easy to Use. With a (bit of) practise

Any grooming product requires a little practice. Just like that time you thought you could brew your own beer...you’re going to need to familiarize yourself with how it works before trying it on yourself.
The HeadBlade ATX is the best head, face and body shaver on the market. It has a shorter learning curve, making it easier to master with fewer nicks ... don't just take our word for it, explore the ATX by watching the video below

Explore the new
headblade atx

Revolutionary suspension keeps you smooth, reduces nicks and the rubberised finger ring keeps it stable.
Let's not forget the rear mounted blades with
flow through design - making it even easier to rinse.

Why Choose a HeadBlade?

What makes a HeadBlade shaver better than the conventional stick, electric or even straight-razor?

Better Grooming.

It's time to take a lesson from the ladies and start grooming like real men. Keep it smooth with one of our razors and stay moisturised with our popular range of creams.

Safer Shaving.

The unique spring action suspension helps reduce the knocks, nicks and cuts that are common when shaving your own head, face and body. Shave safe by using a HeadBlade.

Look Good.

So what if you're balding or have a receding hairline - that comb over looks great ... said no-one ever. Shave your head, keep it moisturised and you'll knock years off your look.

Feel Great!

Our range of shaving, scalp and skin creams all have one thing in common - they're AMAZING! Just a small drop goes a long way - to keep your skin looking good and making you feel even better.

Get HeadBlade (Almost) Everywhere

No matter what HeadBlade product you need, whether you're looking for a new set of blades or have run out of your favourite moisturising or shaving cream - you can buy it online here today or visit one of our retailers below.

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