HeadBlade ATX vs. MOTO: Choosing the Best Blade for Your Head

One of the most common questions that we receive at HeadBlade UK is "What are the differences between the ATX and the MOTO?"

The following information will provide an answer to help you select the best head-shaving product. I have decided to compare these two bestsellers after having used them both for quite some time and after receiving lots of requests for comparison.

Switching to a New Razor Is Not Always Easy

I’m an avid head shaver and although I’ve used many HeadBlade models, ATX has been my preference for the last five years. When I first heard about the new MOTO, I couldn’t understand how they could have perfected something that already appeared to be perfect. This made me curious about the new product and I couldn’t wait to try it.

I must admit that I wasn’t sure that the new razor would provide a better experience. At first, I thought that the only difference between these two razors was aesthetical design differences. This was probably because I had already found the best head-shaving experience and was afraid of changing my habits.

The day came to test out the new product and I fell in love with it after my first complete shave. As a daily ATX user, I immediately noticed the differences with the MOTO.

The MOTO Includes a New Design and Features

The first difference was the slightly larger finger ring on the newer product. This made the razor more comfortable to handle and was something that I had not thought of before.

The front sphere also allowed the blades to glide wherever I wanted while the revised suspension followed every inch of my scalp. The slightly thinner body was more functional when shaving behind my ears.

What really made the difference was the central pivot that allowed the body to bend around the curves of my head, just the same as a Moto GP bike.

HeadBlade has done an excellent job with this new razor. This product is a great example of why you should listen to your customers and do your best to take care of them.

Both Products Provide Superior Head Shaving

So, how do I compare these two razors? I love the ATX. It does a wonderful job and feels very stable and secure. However, the MOTO has a few extra features that improve the shaving experience. This includes the thinner body, the revised suspension, and the improved design.

Based on these points, you can understand why I prefer the newer product. Many people continue to use the previous option while others have switched to the new model. It is hard to decide if there is a winner so it is all up to you.

Last Thoughts on Choosing the Best Razor

Should you switch razors? Although I switched, I would not strictly recommend switching if your existing razor is still in good shape. Both options use the same long-lasting blades and have the same suspension. However, if you are a first-time buyer, the MOTO is worth the slightly higher price.

Enjoy your shave!